Teacher Training

TESOLA2IMG_0055We have given presentations and workshops on a number of topics at schools as well as at local, state, national, and international conferences.  Below are some of the topics we cover.  If you are interested in organizing a workshop for your program or institution, please feel free to contact us.


The vocabulary-grammar continuum
Rejigging the relationship between grammar and writing to teach both together.

Grammar off the charts
New ways to focus on and present discrete grammar

Grammar at the point of need
How and especially when to teach grammar in the writing classroom

Shadow words: connecting grammar and vocabulary
Bringing quiet high-frequency words into focus

Power to the Post-it
How sticky notes can make vocabulary learning dynamic and fun

Question everything
Using the power of questions to scaffold academic writing

Productive assessment in the grammar classroom
Strategies for creating grammar tests that focus on real world use


Thinking outside the paragraph
Strategies for helping low-level writers develop parring skills

Process writing: writing your way to the top
Strategies for working with students at different stages of writing

The art and science of paragraphing
Looking beyond unity and coherence to appreciate ways that paragraphs support idea development

Tackling wordiness
Strategies for helping ESOL students craft shorter and more effective sentences

Integrating reading and writing
Teaching summarizing and paraphrasing for an authentic purpose

On a journey to think critically
Strategies for scaffolding critical thinking as students read and write

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