Speaking & Listening

The following articles and activities provide different lesson plan options for working with oral communication in the English language classroom. While many of them were designed for use with the Integrated Skills through Drama series, they can be used with any conversation or theatre class.

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10 ways to teach English with a play



Pragmatics_Lesson_ Wearing_Aida_Down

Readers Theater_for_English_Learners

Using a play to work on pronunciation

Theatre techniques for assessing performance


Pedagogical resources that contain cultural capital are crucial for ESL learners who may be expected to use English in international settings where the kind of cultural knowledge shared by English-speaking communities is implicitly valued. Without this knowledge, they must always be perceived as less competent, more ‘foreign’, no matter how correct their grammar and how impressive their functional language use might be.
                                                                           — Cheng & Winston (2014)